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Welcome to The Most Influential People in History

The timeless question: Who are the most influential people in history? It always stirs debate and discussion. is the definitive site to discover who comes out on top. Using visually stunning postage stamps, the key shapers of history are organized into 10 subject categories for easy reference. There are also Top 10, Top 25, and Top 25 Women lists to quickly check the pinnacle of influence overall. Each of the 500 people chosen has a description that explains why he or she was so influential along with a compelling postage stamp illustration.  All the people are ranked in influence by category and the Top 50 overall are ranked.  As an example, find out why Christopher Columbus was the most influential explorer in history. Columbus beat out such amazing contenders as Ferdinand Magellan who sailed the first circumnavigation of the world in 1522 and James Cook who mapped more of the world than anyone before or since.
Aristotle - BOOK - 1978 Greek - School o

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